Fuel Delivery

Shawn Harris Delivery TruckAutomatic Oil Delivery

Become an automatic fuel delivery customer and we monitor your fuel for you! We use a technology that monitors your home’s fuel consumption patterns and predicts when you will need your next home heating oil delivery. Gain peace of mind, as you will don’t have to think about checking your oil tank’s fuel levels or when to place your next order for oil. Simply call our office to learn more!

Will Call Oil Delivery

If you prefer to monitor your oil tank’s fuel level and place your heating oil orders as you wish, our will call fuel delivery option is right for you. Please be sure to keep enough fuel in your tank at all times for your heating system to operate properly and to reduce the risk of running out of a no-heat emergency. For today’s oil price, please give our office a call.

Off-Road Diesel Fuel

Shawn Harris Enterprises is a provider of low sulfur off-road diesel to fulfill all of your diesel fueling needs. Competitively priced and multipurpose, the diesel fuel we supply can be used to power construction, agricultural, and factory equipment, as well as many other business vehicles. The fuel can be used for recreational purposes and business needs alike. To find out the current price or to place an order, please call our office!

Fuel Pricing Programs

We highly recommend our budget plans to any customer who would like to manage their fuel oil and Home Comfort Plan payments as efficiently as possible. Your budget payment lets you spread your heating costs into smaller, predictable payments over the course of either 10 or 12 months. When you enroll in any of our Home Comfort Plans, the cost can be wrapped into your budget payment. Call us at (781) 545-2954 to enroll before the heating season begins!